Infant massage

Vitamin T (touch) is essential for humans. It is a great way to practice non-verbal communication with your baby. It helps physical and intellectual development. It provides comfort, love, and relaxation. And in most babies it quickly relieves gas and brings insane amounts of stored up poop.

Make sure you follow your baby's cues. If baby starts to fuss, stop the massage. They have had enough. You can resume the massage at a later time. Baby may be hungry, too cold, bored, or over stimulated. Hey, babies are human too. They are great at cueing us when they have had enough. Often as parents we control so much of baby's world. We dictate when it is time to start and stop activities, what props they can use for learning and experimenting, more on this at a later date. It is important to follow your baby's lead regarding physical touch. They know their bodies best, and providing positive touch provides a lifetime of benefit.

Baby oh Baby - Infant massage has provided a practical video guide to infant massage. It is not medical advice. Families should review their massage program with their doctor before beginning. Infant massage is not medical treatment or therapy. If a baby shows signs of discomfort or distress during the massage, STOP. Consult with a doctor prior to resuming.

Boost the body's vitamin T with massage. With benefits for the baby and the person giving the massage, why not give it a try. 

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